Become the future of cybersecurity

Want students tripping over each other to get into your cybersecurity program?

Our curriculum helps your students:

Increase Retention

Get Certfied

Get Hired

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No IT expertise required. No need to chase down IT to get your Haiku curriculum implemented.

Easy-to-learn gamified training

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People like playing our games because they have fun while sharpening their skills to get hired.

More students hired at the end of the course

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With Haiku, you can maximize student engagement and increase their chances of getting hired by over 50%.

At Haiku, we leverage learning engineering techniques that have been developed by the esteemed Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Curriculum can deployed in 48 hours or less


Once we have signed a contract, our team can get you up and running in 48 hours.

100% proof of expertise to future employers


Our software adds hands on cybersecurity curriculum to your existing program.

Reduce expenditures

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Reduce time spent by teacher per student without a drop in performance.

Once you add Haiku's 'Games That Train' to your curriculum, eager students will be tripping over each other to get on the waiting list. Are you sure you can handle all the business we can send you?

Learning engineering techniques


Create greater cybersecurity acquisition and retention than traditional methods alone.

Connect to NICE job roles

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Have the ability to quantify student skills in the NICE framework and tie them to NICE workforce job roles.

How does Haiku work?

San Diego State University : Case study

Learn how SDSU partnered with Haiku to upscale homeland security students with critical testing and cybersecurity skills. As part of the partnership with Haiku, critical testing and feedback of tactics, tools, and procedures available to cyber and homeland security students. Download now.

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We're excited to announce our partnership with AWS, which will bring you even more benefits. Our joint forces will provide better security solutions that are scalable and affordable for all your business needs.

We understand the importance of secure cloud computing. That's why our services are built on a secure foundation, providing unparalleled protection for your data. With our partnership with AWS, you can rest assured that our cloud solutions go above and beyond industry standards, especially in education security.


Founder’s Note on Haiku and its purpose

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When I owned a cybersecurity company, it became abundantly clear that the majority of candidates did not possess the basic skills to do their job, regardless of their degree or certifications.

Haiku was started to address this issue head-on and give people the skills needed to not only land jobs but exceed their employer’s expectations.

Accessibility to hands-on cybersecurity training that was accessible to complete beginners was nearly impossible before Haiku. The ultimate goal is to help take people from zero prior cybersecurity experience, to landing high-paying industry jobs.