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What is Haiku?

An insanely affordable training system that gives you the cybersecurity skills to open up your career path to countless new jobs.

Games that train

Designed by cybersecurity experts.

Learn in a fun game environment.

Train on your time.

Be ready for real world cyber threats.

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“Playing Haiku I feel like I’m a cyber samurai. It’s really addictive to play.”

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Dominic, police officer training in cyber security to fight in a new way

Let’s join forces to protect the world

Cyber crime is on the rise - and America needs smart, tech-savvy individuals like you to help stop it. Here’s the facts:

By 2025, cybercrime will cost the world over $10T yearly.

Cyber security costs companies over $6T.

Over 30,000 websites are attacked daily.

Over 54% of companies experience at least one form of cyber attack.

Cyber security costs companies over $6T.

Ransomware cases have risen by 93%.

Right now there are over 600,000 open cyber security jobs, what are you waiting on?

Haiku, founded by a Navy Seal who saw a
need to help

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Ready? Time to start training

Haiku is the only game-based training gym to grow your cybersecurity skills and be ready to protect the world from threats.

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