The Haiku Product Suite For Business

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving challenge demanding an incredibly dynamic level of knowledge. No wonder there were millions of unfilled cyber jobs in 2022.

Easily track and monitor your employees' progress as they stay up to date on their cybersecurity training.

Reduce the time spent searching for qualified candidates.

What you get

  • Our unique visual-learning based environment is gamified for the student so that they learn the
    skills by doing the actual real-world cyber work they can showcase to their employer.
  • There are 600k cyber jobs waiting to be filled and we are helping solve this problem now.
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Haiku and AWS: Better Together

The Haiku and AWS partnership allows Haiku to reach new markets. It's the accessibility of Amazon with the attention to detail of a start-up.

Together, AWS and Haiku achieve cost savings, speed of deployment, pay-as-you-go, scale on demand, trusted architecture, etc..

Case Study: San Diego State University

Purpose: Develop San Diego State University Cybersecurity intelligence skills through
eLearning in a safe, virtual environment for cybersecurity skills. As part of a proposed
partnership with Haiku, critical testing and feedback of tactics, tools, and procedures
available to cyber and homeland security students.

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