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Haiku stands at the forefront of cybersecurity upskilling, leveraging video games to immerse you in a flow state for accelerated, enduring learning. Our platform empowers individuals, businesses, and educational organizations to master cybersecurity through an immersive and engaging experience.



Who We Are

Our Vision

At Haiku, our vision is to improve the way people learn through games.

Our Mission

Everything we do at Haiku serves our mission to create game-based cybersecurity training that is superior to traditional training methods and helps organizations meet their hiring and recruitment goals.

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Our Values

Our values align closely with our mission and serve as our true north.
Focus on the Customer
Continual Learning

Who We Serve

Whether you’re looking to advance your cybersecurity career, improve training for your team, or prepare your students for the real world of cybersecurity, Haiku is here to help.


Say About Us

"With over a decade in the cybersecurity field, I've found Haiku to be an invaluable and innovative tool for both professionals and beginners in cybersecurity. Its vivid graphics make learning engaging, and its pricing is unmatched. The potential of Haiku to revolutionize cybersecurity understanding is immense."
– Ethan C.
Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

"After two decades in the Navy, I've always been intrigued by the world of cybersecurity. Discovering Haiku was a game-changer; it provided a fresh, engaging way to hone practical skills that other platforms couldn't offer. The game experience, with its diverse tasks and captivating backstories, help players level up their skills quickly. Overall, I rate Haiku's training at 4.7/5 and would be truly disappointed without it."
– Larry S.
Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

"As a Dev Ops Engineer with an extensive background in intel applications warfare, I ventured into cybersecurity after reaching my salary cap in physical security. I was drawn to Haiku by its hands-on approach which makes learning accessible. Haiku delivers significant value, particularly for high school and college demographics. It would be a complete disappointment if Haiku were to vanish, as its unique learning approach is irreplaceable. Game-wise, the real-time workings of tools are exhilarating."
– Kody L
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

"As a visual arts teacher transitioning from medical to cybersecurity, my passion lies in intertwining arts with IT. Haiku stood out with its unique story-driven educational approach, particularly beneficial for reinforcing Linux commands and learning real-world cybersecurity applications. While other platforms either felt too complex or too simplistic, Haiku's immersive and scaffolded approach made learning engaging. Haiku remains my top pick for learning Linux and cybersecurity in an entertaining manner."
– Grace C
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

"Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) selected the Haiku Pro cybersecurity training tool for the San Diego Regional Cyber Lab because of its customizability and real-world cybersecurity simulations. Haiku Pro is designed by hackers, for hackers and is the cybersecurity equivalent of a flight simulator where users of all levels can develop real-world skills in a gamified virtual environment."
– Lisa Easterly | CEO, San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

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