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A Beginner’s Guide To Cybersecurity Knowledge And Training



We’ve covered stories about growing international threats, countless cybersecurity professional job postings, and more. But now we want to bring it back to the cybersecurity basics.

We at Haiku want to encourage all students to pursue a great career in cybersecurity because we understand how lucrative and rewarding it can be. We also understand that it’s a critical industry that is needed to counter potentially devastating attacks that can affect every one of us.

But now we’d like to look at some of the basics of cybersecurity to help those who haven’t given much thought to the subject whatsoever.

Cybersecurity Explained

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, regardless of our technical background or expertise. Cybersecurity training is important because it can help individuals and organizations to stay safe in the digital world. Cybersecurity training can help people understand the potential threats they may face when using technology and teach them how to protect themselves from those threats. This includes things like learning how to create strong passwords, how to identify phishing emails, and how to avoid downloading malware.

Without this knowledge, individuals may not realize the risks they are taking when using technology, and may unwittingly put themselves, their personal or business information, and their devices at risk. Additionally, organizations that fail to provide cybersecurity training to their employees may leave themselves vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which can result in data breaches, financial losses, and damage to their reputations.

Cybersecurity Training

A simple way to explain cybersecurity training is like teaching someone how to lock the doors and windows of their house to prevent burglaries. Just like how locking your doors and windows is a basic security measure for your home, cybersecurity training teaches individuals the basic security measures they can take to protect their digital assets.

Just as it is important to protect physical property from theft, it is equally important to protect digital property from cyber threats. Cybersecurity training can help individuals understand the potential risks they face when using technology and provide them with the knowledge and skills to defend against those risks.

Ultimately, cybersecurity training is about promoting responsible digital behavior and equipping individuals with the tools they need to safeguard their personal and professional digital lives. It is an essential aspect of modern life and is increasingly becoming a necessity in our increasingly digital world.

Jon D., a former Marine who worked as an engineer and space operations officer, told Haiku, “I’m now starting to move from the space domain, which is where I have a lot of my professional experience, to cyber because I started noticing this becoming an increasing area of concern across the United States Department of Defense.”

Read Jon’s full interview here.

An Enhanced Training Experience

As the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow, so do career opportunities in this field. By developing cybersecurity skills, individuals can increase their job prospects and potentially earn higher salaries.

We at Haiku are offering a means to acquire such training. But we go way beyond lectures, endless tutorials, and other traditional teaching methods that are widely considered boring.

We take a unique approach by creating a gamified experience to training. With Haiku, you’ll learn world-class cybersecurity training by entering a cyberpunk gaming world where you’ll undergo a variety of missions related to cybersecurity, both defensive and offensive. And you need not worry, our platform is for beginners with little to no experience, up to advanced gamers.

You’ll level up, earn credentials and your progress will be recorded for analytics to help you land a great career that fits your skill set.

Now that you have a better understanding of the value of cybersecurity, all you need now is the training – with Haiku.


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