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Five Lucrative Cybersecurity Jobs Available Now


Cybersecurity jobs are on the rise and many of them come with surprising pay and benefits. Here are five examples you probably didn’t know about.

There is no doubt about it, cybersecurity is among the world’s most sought-after career demands. Reason being… according to a Clark School study at the University of Maryland, a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds!

As technology continues to grow every day, so does the demand to protect it. Cybersecurity professionals understand just how easy it is to infiltrate an organization and take it down from within. And everyone is susceptible to it, including major government organizations.

With so much at stake, it’s no wonder why cybersecurity professionals are well-paid and highly sought after. In fact, according to a University of North Georgia column, cybersecurity job postings are up 74% over the past five years.  

The Department of Defense website lists Cyber and Information Technology as their number one in-demand careers and offers nearly 500 open job postings, to no surprise. But they are not the only ones hiring.

Here are five other lucrative (and some pretty cool) cybersecurity positions the industry has available right now.

1. Cybersecurity Incident Response Analyst- Los Alamos National Laboratory

         Salary $87,200 – $142,500

Los Alamos National Laboratory, located in New Mexico, is one of America’s most advanced government-funded research laboratories. Researchers, engineers, and scientists come from around the globe to work at Los Alamos because it’s home to some of the most advanced technologies in the world. In fact, Los Alamos is home to the Manhattan Project; the secret government program responsible for the development of the Atomic Bomb that ended World War II.

It is still a major player in the nuclear arms business. According to their website, “The United States and its allies depend on Los Alamos National Laboratory’s contributions to nuclear deterrence and national security through innovation in research and development.”

It’s no surprise they have an urgent need for cybersecurity professionals- the fate of the world could depend on it.

2. Cybersecurity Engineer (Remote)- Home Depot

         Salary $130,000

You read that correctly – Home Depot. They are one of the world’s largest home improvement retail companies and they want to stay that way. They are on an active search for cybersecurity professionals to protect their customers and affiliates alike.

With such a large customer and contractor profile database, they have a lot to lose if they were to become victims of a cyberattack. Which is why they are willing to pay top dollar for it. Even more surprising, the only eligibility requirements are that interested candidates be at least 18 years old, legally permitted to work in the U.S. and a diploma or GED.

Home Depot places much greater importance that the candidate has proven cybersecurity skills and less on formal education.

3. Vulnerability Management Analyst- Brooksource

         Salary $55- $65 an hour

This six-month contract position is listed as “urgently hiring”, another testament to the demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Most companies and organizations have cyber vulnerabilities they are simply not aware of. This company’s goal is to “help provide predictive analytics of cybersecurity attacks…”

Being a cybersecurity professional isn’t just about fixing attacks, but actively looking for weaknesses, too. That’s how to stay ahead in the cyber game.

4. Cybersecurity Analyst- CyberCoders

         Salary $71,000 – $113,000

Looking for a slice of paradise? This Hawaii-based financial services company is the place for you. CyberCoders is looking for analysts to assist with cybersecurity governance, risk management, security operations management and more. Everything you could expect as a cybersecurity specialist.

And like other job postings, CyberCoder is more interested in practical experience than formal education. And they are looking for only two to three years of experience to join them… and beautiful Hawaii.

5. Cyber Security Analyst (Validator)- Department of the Navy, United States Marine Corps

         Salary $100,000 – $125,000

If you are interested in playing a role in national security and defending your country, here is an opportunity. In this position, you will work with a team of people from the military, the civilian and the contractor communities.

As a validator, you will examine through demonstration, inspection, or analysis the extent to which a system or application meets a set of security requirements as specified by management.

Not sure if you’re eligible? This position offers several different pathways to employment eligibility. They ask for a minimum of education, or experience, or a combination of both, or simply prove you have the knowledge to get the job done!

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cybersecurity-related careers. The demand goes into every industry, government, private, education and so on.

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– Haiku

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