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Serve Your Country Without Enlisting Into The Military


As the cyber threats against American targets continue to grow, a new way to serve and protect your country is available that doesn’t include military service.

America has long been the premier world superpower in just about every category; military strength, economy, freedom, and so on. And when you are on top of the world, literally and figuratively, there’s only one direction left to go, down.

And as is typically the case when you are on top, there are plenty of opponents nipping at your heels trying to get you to fall.

America is no exception.

World adversaries like China and Russia have long been trying to compete with America in every way possible. And lately they are becoming more successful.

In 2021, China has surpassed America as having the largest Navy in the world, a major milestone and seen by people sympathetic to China as a major symbolic victory. But it goes beyond military capabilities.

China has been openly stealing American intellectual property for years, despite the international community condemning this. In fact, Chinese government officials have promised to curb counterfeiting and crack down on their massive black market as part of their commitment to “play by the rules”. However, little, if anything seems to change.

China has taken things a step further. It’s no secret that China fully endorses and supports cyberattacks against countries like America and their allies. In fact, since 2008, state-sponsored global cyberattacks originating from China have hit 15 countries in total. But the United States has been hit more than all other countries combined… by far.


The Future of Warfare

There is concern among Americans that another world war is on the horizon. The Russian – Ukraine conflict is seen as the precursor to world war and is playing a major role in putting pieces in place.

However, there are some people in the intelligence community who believe we are already at war.

Andrew Bustamante is a former CIA agent. In a recent podcast interview, Bustamante was asked about the possibility of World War III.

“We’re probably already in World War III… to be honest. World War III is not going to look like World War II. We’re talking about the idea of ‘proxy wars’. Proxy wars are tools that superpowers use to fight against each other without expending their own human lives. We’ve been in proxy wars since 2012,” Bustamante said.

He continued, “In many ways, I would argue that we’re already in the beginning phases of World War III. And World War III looks like proxy war between the world’s largest economies.”


And one of the ways these proxy wars will be fought is by cyberwarfare, which is already occurring. It is one of the main reasons we at Haiku have been vigilantly working to create an effective teaching method for users to learn everything cybersecurity.

Our host country will continue to need cybersecurity professionals in the cyberworld frontlines to protect America and its Allies.

So if you were interested in serving your country, but you are not interested in traditional military service, enroll in our Haiku cybersecurity training module.

As you progress from beginner skill level to more advanced skill level, you’ll be preparing yourself to be the next generation of individuals who will keep America safe from all international adversaries. -Haiku

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