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Take Advantage of Your Children’s Screen Time to Help Them


Screen time is a growing concern for parents all over the world. But we have a solution for you that will help your children thrive.

There are very few topics in the world where everyone can agree on the same thing. But there is one universal truth that applies to all societies, all cultures, and all parents out there; we want what’s best for our children.

Our goal as parents is to teach, train and mentor our children to be the best versions of themselves they can be. We want to give them all the tools necessary to be prepared for adult life and succeed.

It’s a rather simple plan but not an easy one.

Our children are bombarded with a slew of challenges that start at a very young age and progress all the way into adulthood. Socialization, school, chores, after-school activities, popularity, puberty – everything a child experiences.

It’s a very delicate time in life as everything they are involved in leaves an impression with them that lasts a lifetime.

A New Challenge

Among the challenges that dominate headlines are the amount of screen time children are exposed to. This is a relatively new phenomena as there weren’t tablets, smartphones and computers 50 years ago.

With all the available devices, a new responsibility with raising our children is to limit and properly manage the quality of content and the amount of screen time our children are exposed to. Screen time goes beyond watching television. It includes video game platforms like Xbox, handheld devices like Nintendo and the thousands of video games available on smartphones and tablets.

As a parent, it’s tempting to let your child sit on one of these devices so you can get some quiet time and get work done. But we as parents have a responsibility to keep their screen time limited.

One thing is for sure, screens are here to stay. But now there’s a compromise that will help your children by combining screen time with educational training – all to prepare them for a rewarding cybersecurity career.

Welcome to Haiku

We created a cyberworld where users can acquire valuable cybersecurity training by playing video games. Our education and entertaining online training programs are designed to be engaging, insightful and directly attributable to the workforce.

Instead of allowing your children to be needlessly attached to a screen, use the opportunity to both give them valuable training and an entertaining experience.

It’s rather simple.

Haiku is set in a dystopic cyberpunk future that immerses them and makes them forget they are actually training for a career. Fun, futuristic characters and backstories, combined with plots and subplots, come together to allow them to forget themselves in the game for hours.

Preparing for a Great Career

With Haiku, your children will be gaining valuable training and experience towards a cybersecurity position.

The demand for cybersecurity professionals has been skyrocketing over the last ten years and is expected to continue to grow.

Getting your children involved now is a great time to both properly manage their screen time and provide them with life skills that will pay off down the road.

That’s our responsibility as parents – so let us help you with that.

– Haiku

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