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Haiku Inc. Sponsors Cal State Tech Connect 2023: Empowering Cybersecurity Education

[San Diego, CA, 7/25/23] — Haiku Inc. is proud to sponsor Cal State Tech Connect 2023, the premier virtual gathering for cybersecurity enthusiasts. This marks the 7th gathering of the Cal State Tech community and the 4th held virtually.

At the forefront of cybersecurity education, Haiku Inc. offers a revolutionary approach through their acclaimed products: Haiku for beginners and Haiku Pro for cybersecurity professionals. These immersive video games empower students to learn cybersecurity disciplines and methods through engaging hands-on experiences. Haiku Inc. has been working with San Diego State University to bring an immersive education tool to its students.

Join Haiku Inc. at Cal State Tech Connect 2023 to experience their cybersecurity tools and be part of an empowering educational journey.

For more information about Haiku Inc. and its products, visit

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