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San Diego State University’s Cyber Tech Academy, in affiliation with the university’s Homeland Security Graduate Program, partners with Haiku Inc.

San Diego, CA. (PRWEB) September 19, 2022

The Cyber Tech Academy and Haiku Inc announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership that will take the cybersecurity gap head-on with innovative solutions called World of Haiku and Haiku Pro.

This agreement brings Haiku Inc.’s solutions to SDSU’s Cyber Tech Academy certification program. With this partnership, SDSU will be in an excellent position to accomplish its mission of attracting, training, and preparing the next generation of cyber-pros. World of Haiku and Haiku Pro fit perfectly with the Cyber Tech Academy’s model of providing a current, highly relevant fast track to cybersecurity success.

World of Haiku, an exciting Role Playing Game (RPG), trains players in specific cybersecurity skills that align with Certified Ethical Hacker training. With each mission, students understand how the real Linux operating system works and how to control tools like JohnTheRipper, Hydra, Nmap, Ping, SSH, and many more.

Haiku Pro is a revolutionary new application that uses engaging, real-world experiences and settings to help students develop hands-on cybersecurity skills. It will become the foundation for a new Cyber Tech Academy certificate in ethical hacking, and the entire curriculum will be built around it.

The Haiku Job Connect feature will help the students connect with jobs that specifically require the skills they develop during their certification program. Once students connect with a potential employer, the Haiku Skillz Resume will allow them to demonstrate their actual hands-on skills that employers value.

“A lot of students are interested in ethical hacking, and there is a huge void to be filled, “ says the academy’s co-director John Callahan. “Our Cyber Tech Academy certificate program is trying to fix that while offering an effective way to predict cybersecurity success.”

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